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Bluebirds: The Charming Deceiver

Bluebirds are some of the most joyful birds around. Their beautiful color and cheerful song make them welcome visitors to any backyard. But did you know they have a secret? In this podcast by Wild Birds Unlimited, hosts John Schaust and Brian Cunningham reveal fun facts and offer tips for attracting bluebirds to your yard.

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Eastern Bluebird Nest & Eggs. Photo © reddirtpics


This is a great site to learn all about nesting birds! NestWatch is a nationwide monitoring program designed to track status and trends in the reproductive biology of birds, including when nesting occurs, number of eggs laid, how many eggs hatch, and how many hatchlings survive. 


All about Nesting Boxes
Tips on Nest Box Placement
Managing Invasive Species
Dealing with Predators
Managing Nest Box Competitors
Nest Box Trouble Shooting Guide

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