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We’re passionate about birds and nature. That’s why we opened a Wild Birds Unlimited Nature Shop in our community.

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Tidy Dining


Is it time to try to clean up your bird-feeding act?  Do you get that oh-so-annoyed and exasperated feeling as you survey the copious amount of shells that are left behind by your birds?  Or better yet, are the birds sweeping through the food in a feeder to find the one seed they think is the best to eat… leaving you to clean up the remnants of seeds?

It's a common occurrence, but it doesn't have to be. Tidy dining solutions are one of our specialties.



Tidy Foods

Rule number one for tidy feeding: avoid using bargain seed blends. They often contain large amounts of cereal grain fillers like oats, red Milo and wheat, all of which are unattractive to the birds and are the first seeds to end up on the ground. By using a high-quality food that only contains food that birds will eat, our blends actually end up costing less to use while attracting more of the birds that you want to watch. Let's look at the foods you could use to avoid the seed hull mess around your feeders, patios and decks.   

No Mess, No Fuss

Pound for pound, our No-Mess Blend bird seed mixes offer the best value since there's no uneaten seed waste. 


bag No mess


WBU No-Mess Plus Blend:  Calcium for Nesting Birds, No Mess for You

Of the three WBU No-Mess Blend mixes, No-Mess Plus provides a more balanced nutritional offering at feeding stations to meet the needs of nesting birds and increase the frequency of visits to feeders. Not only does it provide much needed supplemental energy for the high demands of the nesting season, the added calcium is the perfect ingredient to help strengthen egg shells for nesting birds and an essential building block as baby birds grow. 

Calcium is the most challenging mineral for birds because when they need it in their diet they need large quantities and they need it right away. This is mainly during nesting time for egg laying as well as chick development. The amount of calcium in their natural diet of seeds and insects is often inadequate and they must seek calcium-rich foods as a supplement. Our No-Mess Plus Blend offers them the much-needed calcium and it does it all with no shells so it is a wonderful no mess option for you. 

Offering WBU No-Mess Plus Blend makes it more likely that you will see fledgling birds at their feeders later this spring as they learn to feed themselves.


 Feed  Suet All Year Long

 suet cakes  

Feeding suet can be a year-round activity. It is fun and exciting to see the different kinds of birds that can be attracted by providing suet. Wild Birds Unlimited's suet is a high-energy fat substance produced from a high quality beef kidney fat, which is high in calories. WBU suet is rendered to help remove some of the impurities that can cause spoilage.

Suet and suet dough allows you to feed the birds year round. Suet is used during cooler weather. In warmer weather suet doughs are designed with a higher melting point.

The variety of suet flavors help to attract a variety of birds. It is especially helpful to birds when their natural food source is hard to find (during winter months) or when the birds are nesting and raising their young. It is fun to watch birds bring their young to suet feeders in the summer months.

All the suets are high in calories from the fat, which is the most important component of the suet. Protein is good if it is high in content, but does not need to be extremely high. Remember that suet feeding supplements the birds’ diet; it does not replace their main food source.

  Suet and Seed Cylinders

 suet cylinder trio cylinders    With our No-melt Dough Cylinders, now suet-eating birds can get in on the fun. Just drop them in one of our Decorative Seed Cylinder or Dinner Bell™ feeders and watch clinging and perching birds enjoy.And our Seed Cylinders are an easy, long lasting and tidy way to offer your birds a wide variety of food.Our decorative Seed Cylinder Feeders (sold separately) are the perfect blend of creative design and bird feeding functionality.



 Stack Up a Food Combo to Attract More Birds

   dough stackable    

Easy to use, our Seed Stackables allow you to offer more than one food at a time and cater to the preferences of the birds visiting your yard.

With several unique flavors of Seed and No-melt Dough Stackables to mix and match, you can have fun creating various combinations that will attract different birds to your backyard.

Our No-melt Suet Dough Stackables are an easy way to offer a high-energy food to your birds.

 More Tidy Foods That Will Attract a Variety of Birds

- Peanuts – Peanuts attract most birds and have the best single source of protein and fat.

-Sunflower chips - These seeds are already out of the hull.

- Jim’s Birdacious® Bark Butter® and Treats - 100% edible, these dining delights are gobbled up too fast to leave a mess.

- Mealworms – a tidy, protein-rich food for attracting common and uncommon birds.

- Nectar – hummingbirds’ favorite. Just keep it fresh, and there’s no mess!


 peanuts  sunflower chips Bark butter bits  Bark butter     

How to Have a Tidier Feeding Station

Using Trays as Tidy Dining Accessories

Trays can also be used to lessen the mess and to turn your birds into tidier dinner guests.  Round trays are perfect to attach to seed tube feeders and rectangular trays are perfect for hopper feeders.  Trays also provide a surface to attract birds that usually avoid elevated feeders and typically feed only on the ground.

 Recommended Combinations

We recommend the following combinations of food, feeders and accessories so you can enjoy feeding your birds and have a tidy backyard too.


    1 - Mounted on an Advanced Pole System® setup, the WBU EcoTough™ Classic hopper feeder with the EcoTough Catch-A-Seed Tray and featuring WBU No-Mess Blend is a tidy feeding combination that will attract an incredible variety of birds. Our EcoTough feeders are made of recycled milk jugs. They won’t crack, fade or rot and have a lifetime guarantee. The Catch-a-Seed Tray prevents seed from falling to the ground and serves as a second feeder. 
 tube feeder with guard and tray    2 - For a compact, yet versatile tidy feeding station, we recommend offering WBU No-Mess Blend in our WBU Quick-Clean™ Seed Tube Feeder with a WBU Weather Guard and WBU Seed Tray. All of these come with a lifetime guarantee. Our Quick-Clean feeders have removable bases that make cleaning a breeze. They’re also easy to fill and hang. Simply add our Weather Guard dome to your feeder to help protect the seed and birds from inclement weather. The Seed Tray prevents seed from falling to the ground and serves as an additional feeding area.
 Dinner bell   3 - The WBU Dinner Bell™ feeder is a versatile feeder that can provide a tidy dining experience. The feeder's built-in dome provides protection from the weather, and the built-in tray prevents food from falling to the ground. Simply fill the WBU Dinner Bell with any of our seed, WBU Seed or No-melt Dough Cylinders, mealworms or other food and enjoy the birds as well as a tidier feeding station. The WBU Dinner Bell is also backed by a lifetime guarantee.