Creating a Bird and Pollinator Friendly Yard Talk


Talk given by Jerry Schelhorn, Nursery Manager and Landscape Designer at Grandma’s Gardens.

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Plant Names mentioned in the “Creating a Pollinator Garden” talk (in order)

  1. Raydon’s Favorite Aster
  2. Sedum Autumn Joy
  3. Teucrium (Germander)
  4. Umelo Bentnee
  5. Blue Veronica
  6. Buddleia (Butterfly bush)
  7. Pugster Blue (Butterfly Bush)
  8. Dark Tower Penstemon
  9. Catmint
  10. Butterfly Weed
  11. Swamp Milkweed
  12. Bronze Fennel
  13. Caradonna Salvia
  14. Ruby Spice Summersweet
  15. 16 Candles Summersweet
  16. Vitex
  17. Caryopteris
  18. Witch Hazels
  19. Blue Spruce Sedum
  20. Georgie Blue Veronica
  21. Mother- of -Thyme
  22. Sargentina Crab apple
  23. Mimosa
  24. Oak tree
  25. White Oak tree
  26. Tulip tree
  27. Red Cardinal flower
  • It’s important for a pollinator garden to have a variety of plants that bloom from spring through fall. When picking out plants, don’t just choose ones that bloom in the summer.
  • If you use lawn chemicals, it’s important that those chemicals stay away from your pollinator gardens. You should not even use organic sprays in your pollinator garden.

We hope you enjoy creating your very own pollinator garden and we thank Jerry Schelhorn for sharing this wonderful information with us!