How To Build, Plant, and Maintain a Raised Square Foot Garden

Would you like to plant a garden in your yard but aren’t sure if you have the space or don’t necessarily want to dig up your yard? If so, you should give Raised Square Foot Gardening a try!

In this month’s “At-Home Education Video,” community garden creator and raised box garden expert Alfred Hall provides detailed instructions on how to create and maintain these fun and manageable gardens in your yard. Alfred walks viewers through each stage of the process and provides little tips along the way that will help make your garden as successful as possible. There is also a supplemental PowerPoint with step-by-step instructions so no need to worry about having to take notes while watching the video. Just watch, enjoy, and get excited about creating your own Raised Square Foot Garden!

If you have any questions, you can contact Alfred by phone at 513-341-5605 or online at