Share the Joy of Bird Feeding All Year Long!

Our "Share the Joy" Boxes make it easy to bring song, color and life to your friends and loved ones. Each box comes loaded with a bird feeder, food and accessories.

Order online today by clicking the image below, or stop in one of our stores. We can deliver a box full of joy directly to a loved one’s door, or order one for yourself and get started attracting more birds to your backyard.

share the joy boxes

Blaze Box includes:

WBU Blaze the Hot Pepper Squirrel Seed Cylinder

WBU Mini Cylinder Feeder

WBU Hot Pepper No-Melt Suet Stackable®

WBU Hot Pepper Cranberry Stackable®

WBU Hot Pepper No-Mess Stackable


Hummingbirds Box includes:

WBU Small High Perch Hummingbird Feeder

WBU Nectar

WBU Nectar Bottle

WBU Nectar Brush


Woodpeckers Box includes:

WBU Suet Cylinder Feeder

EZ Fill Suet Cage

Hot Pepper SuperSuet Cake

Hot Pepper No-Melt SuperSuet Cylinder