We are BLAZING New Trails in Critter Control!

Meet our newest character, Blaze the Hot Pepper Squirrel Seed Character is a cute addition to any backyard. Made of sunflower chips, millet and fruit, your birds will flock in for a tasty treat. Blaze also includes hot pepper, an ingredient the birds readily eat, but critters...not so much.

BLAZE 15% OFF Now through October 26, 2020. DSC Members get an additional 5% OFF.

Tried & True Critter Control Methods

Our Advanced Pole System has interchangeable parts that lets you create a customized system that keeps critters out of your feeders!

Protect your bird seed bounty from squirrels with our Eliminator™ , Squirrel Buster and Fundamental bird feeders. When a squirrel touches the perches or perch ring, its weight closes the seed ports, foiling its seed-stealing plot. 

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