How to Have a Tidier Feeding Station


We recommended the following combinations of food, feeders and accessories so you can enjoy feeding your birds and have a tidy backyard, too.

EcoTough Classic

1. Mounted on an Advanced Pole System® setup, the WBU EcoTough® Classic hopper feeder with the EcoTough Catch-A-Seed Tray and featuring WBU No-Mess Blend is a tidy feeding combination that will attract an incredible variety of birds.

Our unique No-Mess Blend features seeds that have had their shells removed so only the meat of the seed is left. No hulls make for much tidier bird feeding.

Our EcoTough feeders are made of recycled milk jugs. They won’t crack, fade or rot and have a lifetime guarantee. The Catch-a-Seed Tray prevents seed from falling to the ground and serves as a second feeder.

Quick-Clean Seed Tube with Weather Guard and Tray

2. For a compact, yet versatile tidy feeding station, we recommend offering WBU No-Mess Blend in our WBU Quick-Clean® Seed Tube Feeder with a WBU Weather Guard and WBU Seed Tray. All of these come with a lifetime guarantee.

Our Quick-Clean feeders have removable bases that make cleaning a breeze. They’re also easy to fill and hang. Simply add our Weather Guard dome to your feeder to help protect the seed and birds from inclement weather. The Seed Tray prevents seed from falling to the ground and serves as an additional feeding area.

3. The WBU Seed Cylinders are long lasting, easy to use and offer a great source of high fat and high protein without the mess. Birds will stay longer on your feeder as they work to remove seeds from the cylinder, which means you'll have more time to enjoy watching them! We offer a wide variety of seed and suet cylinders. Safflower cylinders keep squirrels and black birds away, but Cardinals love it. Or try our Hot Pepper blend cylinders that keep critters away (they taste hot pepper but birds don't)! 

*Due to issues beyond our control, the Dinner Bell feeder is not available at this time.